Mountain Lake

“Human life is far more important than just getting to the top of a mountain.”

                                                      Edmund Hillary

Why Coaching?

At times we may experience a disconnect between our three centers (Mind, Heart and Body). What we think, how we feel and what we do might be in discord with our intentions.

This may leave us with an unsettledness or an uneasiness within our 'being' creating a feeling of 'stuckness' in our day to day living as if our Intention, Awareness, Response and Action are fragmented.

During such times you may need the guidance of a professional coach to assist you with the realignment of your thinking, feelings and actions and thereby bringing your three centers into equilibrium.

As an experienced Integral and Vitaly coach my approach toward coaching is from an integral perspective. I assist my clients to live from a space of centeredness, presence and fullness and this allows them to see their current reality with ‘fresh eyes’.

My extensive experience in the business world combined with my in depth knowledge of Mind, Body and Spiritual practices, enables me to guide people towards finding balance and meaning within their work and life.

As a Constructed Developmental Theorist and Identity Compass Senior Consultant I endorse the Constructive Development Theory of Dr. Darren Stevens as well as the Identity Compass International founded by Arne Maus - a Profiling System measuring Cognitive Intentions.


Furthermore I am a certified Enneagram, Mindfulness and Elastic Force Chi Kung Practitioner.

I provide the following services:

In-person or via Teleconference


My Life Philosophy



To flourish and prosper (Eudaimonia) as a mortal human being, living wisely and in harmony with nature.



Cultivating my own true nature as a rational and social being making progress every day towards practical wisdom (prudence) and strength of character and knowledge of what’s genuinely good, bad or indifferent, in life.


To always be mindful as to whether what I think, feel, do and say accord with my deeper values - Caring, Kindness, Openness, Transparency, Honesty, Fairness, Tolerance and Authenticity.


Meeting with equanimity, good grace and patience, the events that befall me and the people I encounter in daily life.

My Signature Strengths

Honesty, Forgiveness, Creativity, Fairness and Social Intelligence

When I’m integrated I show up as;

Authentic, Transparent, Open, Fair, Caring and Honest.

Adaptable, Enduring, Perseverating

Inspiring, Selfless, Courageous, Faithful and Loyal.


When I’m disintegrated I show up as;

Overly direct and impactful.

Confrontational and declarative.

Dominant, forceful and impatient – take control by taking charge.